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Fishing periods, limits and exceptions for zone 10

Catch limit 
Fishing device 
CollapseRules for the zone
 CollapsePeriodFrom April 1st, 2022 to March 31st, 2023
  Black Crappie30  
  Lake Whitefish5  
  Striped BassFishing prohibited  
  Yellow Perch50  
 CollapsePeriodFrom April 22nd, 2022 to September 11th, 2022
  Char (arctic char, brook trout)10 in all  
  Cutthroat Trout and Brown Trout5 in all  
  Lake Trout and Splake Trout2 in allA length limit may apply for this species. Check the applicable limits for this zone.
Angling only
  Landlocked Salmon3Angling only 
  Rainbow Trout10  
 CollapsePeriodFrom May 20th, 2022 to March 31st, 2023
  Pike6 in all  
  Walleye and Sauger6 in allA length limit may apply for this species. Check the applicable limits for this zone.
Angling only
 CollapsePeriodFrom June 15th, 2022 to October 31st, 2022
  Sturgeon1 in allAngling only 
 CollapsePeriodFrom June 15th, 2022 to November 30th, 2022 poisson
  Muskellunge1 in allAngling only 
 CollapsePeriodFrom June 15th, 2022 to March 31st, 2023 poisson
  Bass6 in all  
 CollapsePeriodFrom April 1st, 2022 to March 31st, 2023- Other species
  Other speciesno limit  

Bodies of water – Regulatory exceptions

Expand all
Catch limit 
Fishing device 
ExpandBrook des Cèdres between its mouth on Rivière du Lièvre and high-voltage the electricity energy transmission line situated roughly 300 metres from its mouth (46°05'49" N., 75°37'57" O., Municipality of Notre-Dame-du-Laus).
ExpandBrook Flood between Grand lac Du Cerf and Petit lac Flood (Municipalities of Lac-du-Cerf and Kiamika).
ExpandBrook Jourdain between the Highway 117 bridge and lac Nominingue (Municipalities of Nominingue and Rivière-Rouge).
ExpandBrook Lefebvre (Municipality of Lac-du-Cerf) between lakes Lefebvre and Grand lac du Cerf.
ExpandBrook nameless (Petit ruisseau des Cèdres) between its source in the Grand lac des Cèdres and its mouth in the Petit lac des Cèdres (Messines Municipality).
ExpandBrook Penniseault between its confluence with rivière Des Outaouais and the first fall located about 700 m upstream (Municipality of Rapides-des-Joachims).
ExpandBrook Petit ruisseau de l'Argile between its mouth and Thomas Road South (Municipality of Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette).
ExpandBrook Serpent (Bigelow and Wells townships) from its mouth on rivière du Lièvre to the pillars of the old bridge located approximately 300 meters from that mouth (46°05'09" N., 75°37'02" W., Municipality of Notre-Dame-du-Laus).
ExpandBrook unnamed (Post Creek) That part between its mouth with Gatineau River corresponding to a straight line joining the points 46°15'12" N., 75°55'35" W. and 46°15'12" N., 75°55'37" W. and its mouth with Grand lac Rond corresponding to a straight line joining the points 46°15'03" N., 75°55'14" W. and 46°15'00" N., 75°55'14" W. poisson
ExpandBrook unnamed between lac à la Truite and its mouth into the rivière Des Outaouais, including lakes Manny and Downey as well as their tributaries (Municipality of Sheenboro).
ExpandBrook unnamed between lakes des Trois Montagnes (Simon) and Boisseau (municipalité de la Conception).
ExpandLake à la Barbue (46°03'38" N., 75°54'09" W., Municipality of Gracefield)
ExpandLake à la Croix (Municipalités de Boileau et Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours)
ExpandLake à la Garlette (45°56'56" N., 75°50'49" O., Municipality of Lac-Sainte-Marie)
ExpandLake à la Loutre (45°59'43" N., 74°39'15" O., Municipalité d'Huberdeau).
ExpandLake à la Truite (Municipalité de Lac-Nilgaut)(46°14'33" N., 76°55'28" O.).
ExpandLake à la Truite (Municipalities of Gracefield and Notre-Dame-du-Laus)(46°05'20" N., 75°45'37" W.).
ExpandLake Ambroise (46°19'12" N., 75°46'23" O., Municipalité de Déléage)
ExpandLake au Foin (Municipalités de Notre-Dame-du-Laus et Notre-Dame-de-Pontmain)
ExpandLake aux Castors - (Municipalité de La Minerve)(46°11'54" N., 75°02'51" W.).
ExpandLake aux Vers (Municipalité de Lac-Nilgaut)
ExpandLake Babiche (Notre-Dame-de-Pontmain)
ExpandLake Barnes (Municipalité de Thorne)
ExpandLake Bell (Municipalities of Mansfield-et-Pontefract and Lac-Nilgaut)
ExpandLake Bellemare (Municipalité d'Otter Lake)
ExpandLake Bigelow (Municipality of Notre-Dame-du-Laus)
ExpandLake Bisson (municipality Kiamika) the lake as well as the part between its spillway and a point 500 m downstream towards lac Francois.
ExpandLake Bitobi (Municipality of Gracefield)
ExpandLake Blais (Municipalities of Montpellier and Lac-Simon)
ExpandLake Blue Sea (Municipalités de Blue Sea et Messines)
ExpandLake Boisseau - (Municipalité de La Conception)(46°10'52" N., 74°49'05" O.)
ExpandLake Bonin (Municipalité de Val-des-Monts)
ExpandLake Boutin (46°16'42" N., 76°05'26" W., Municipality of Messines)
ExpandLake Britannique (Municipalité de Mulgrave-et-Derry)
ExpandLake Butler (46°15'01" N., 75°37'02" O.)(Municipalités de Notre-Dame-de-Pontmain)
ExpandLake Cameron - (Municipalité de Amherst)(46°06'44" N., 74°49'41" O.)
ExpandLake Cameron (Municipalité de Low)(45°46'15" N., 76°06'50" O.)
ExpandLake Campion (Municipalité de Notre-Dame-du-Laus)
ExpandLake Cayamant (Municipality of Cayamant)
ExpandLake Chapleau (Municipality of La Minerve)(46°13'37" N., 74°56'56" W.).
ExpandLake Clair (Municipality of Val-des-Monts)
ExpandLake Cole All its tributaries (Municipality of Mulgrave-et-Derry)
ExpandLake Creux (Municipalité de Lac-Nilgaut)
ExpandLake Croche (Municipality of Montpellier)
ExpandLake de la Carpe (Municipalité de Lac-des-Plages)
ExpandLake de la Décharge - (Municipalité de Amherst)(46°07'06" N., 74°48'12" O.)
ExpandLake de la Ferme (Municipality of Duhamel)
ExpandLake de la Sucrerie (46°06'46" N., 74°53'58" O., Municipalité d'Amherst).
ExpandLake de l'Achigan (Municipality of Déléage)
ExpandLake de l'Aigle - (Municipalité de Notre-Dame-du-Laus)(46°06'44" N., 75°27'48" O.)
ExpandLake de l'Argile (Municipalities of Val-des-Bois and Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette)(45°51'37" N., 75°33'42" W.).
ExpandLake de l'Argile All its tributaries (Municipalities of Val-des-Bois and Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette)
ExpandLake de l'Écluse (Municipality of Val-des-Monts)
ExpandLake Dénommé (46°12'55" N., 76°04'31" W., Municipality of Blue Sea)
ExpandLake des Bagnoles (Municipality of Lac-Sainte-Marie)
ExpandLake des Écorces (46°31'28" N., 75°25'02" W.) as well as its tributaries
ExpandLake des Grandes Baies (46°22'23" N., 75°06'54" W., Municipality of Nominingue)
ExpandLake des Îles (Mont-Laurier et Saint-Aimé-du-lac-des-Îles) (46°27'47" N., 75°32'17" W.)
ExpandLake des Pères - (Municipalités de Bouchette et de Sainte-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau)
ExpandLake des Plages (Municipality of Lac-des-Plages)
ExpandLake des Sources (anciennement lac Brochet) (46°33'23" N., 75°34'44" W., Municipalité de Mont-Laurier)
ExpandLake des Trente et Un Milles - (Municipalités de Gracefield, Bouchette, Sainte-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau, Déléage, Notre-Dame-de-Pontmain)
ExpandLake des Trois Montagnes - (Municipalité de La Conception)(46°09'37" N., 74°46'20" O.).
ExpandLake Désert - (Municipalité de La Minerve)(46°16'47" N., 74°54'29" O.).
ExpandLake Dodds (Municipality of Val-des-Monts)
ExpandLake du Cardinal (Municipality of Denholm)
ExpandLake du Castor Blanc (Municipalité d'Aumond)
ExpandLake du Corbeau (Municipality of Notre-Dame-du-Laus)(46°11'48" N., 75°28'30" W.).
ExpandLake du Dépôt (45°58'31" N., 76°40'52" W., Municipality of Mansfield-et-Pontefract)
ExpandLake du Rang (Municipalité d'Alleyn-et-Cawood)
ExpandLake Dudley (46°16'13" N., 75°35'26" O.)(Municipalités de Notre-Dame-de-Pontmain)
ExpandLake Dumont (Including the Dumont River, from the outlet of the lake until the end of the first rapid, located about 1.6 km downstream, municipalities of Lac-Nilgaut and Otter Lake)
ExpandLake Earhart - (Municipalité de Notre-Dame-du-Laus)(46°05'13" N., 75°26'03" O.).
ExpandLake en Coeur (cantoMunicipalities of Mulgrave-et-Derry and Ripon)
ExpandLake Findlay (Municipalité de Waltham)
ExpandLake Fiset (Notre-Dame-de-Pontmain)
ExpandLake François between a point 100 m upstream and another located 100 m downstream of the bridge between Francois Lake and Petit lac François(municipality Kiamika).
ExpandLake Gagnon (Municipality of Duhamel)
ExpandLake Galarneau (Municipalities of Mansfield-et-Pontefract and Lac Nilgaut)
ExpandLake Gatineau - (Municipalité de Mont-Laurier)(46°32'58" N., 75°39'19" O.).
ExpandLake Gaucher (46°23'34'' N., 75°36'12'' O.) (Saint-Aimé-du-Lac-des-Îles)
ExpandLake Gaudry (Municipalité de Mansfield-et-Pontefract)
ExpandLake Grand lac à Roy (Municipalité de Ripon)
ExpandLake Grand lac des Cèdres (Municipalities of Messines and Kitigan Zibi)(46°18'04" N., 76°06'54" W.).
ExpandLake Grand lac du Cerf - (Municipalité de Lac-du-Cerf)(46°16'17" N., 75°29'54" O.).
ExpandLake Grand lac du Pin Rouge (Municipality de Ripon)
ExpandLake Grand lac Nominingue - (Municipalité de Nominingue)
ExpandLake Grand lac Rond (Municipalities of Bouchette and Sainte-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau)
ExpandLake Grand (Municipality of Val-des-Monts)
ExpandLake Hawk (Municipality of Mulgrave-et-Derry)
ExpandLake Heafey (Municipality of Messines)
ExpandLake Hickey - (Municipalités de Mansfield-et-Pontefract et de Otter Lake)
ExpandLake Hilaire (Municipalité de Lac-Nilgaut)
ExpandLake Iroquois (Municipality of Duhamel)
ExpandLake Johnson (Municipalité de Thorne)
ExpandLake Kensington (Municipalities Déléage and Notre-Dame-de-Pontmain)
ExpandLake La Minerve - (Municipalité de La Minerve)(46°13'18" N., 75°01'46" O.).
ExpandLake la Rouge (Municipality of Lac-des-Plages)
ExpandLake Labelle - (Municipalité de Labelle)(46°13'44" N., 74°51'13" O.).
ExpandLake Lady (Municipality of Mulgrave-et-Derry)
ExpandLake Lafontaine (Municipality of Duhamel)
ExpandLake Laforest (Municipalité de Lac-Nilgaut)
ExpandLake Lesage - (Municipality of Nominingue, Lac-Ernest and La Minerve)(46°18'38" N., 75°02'30" W.)
ExpandLake Logue (46°38'24" N., 76°05'07" W., Municipality of Montcerf-Lytton)
ExpandLake Long (Municipalité de Mayo)
ExpandLake Marie-Louise - (Municipalité de La Minerve)(46°14'01" N., 74°58'18" O.)
ExpandLake McArthur (Municipalité de Denholm)
ExpandLake McArthur (Municipalité de Val-des-Monts)
ExpandLake McFee (Municipality of Val-des-Monts)
ExpandLake McGregor (Municipality of Val-des-Monts)
ExpandLake McGuire All its tributaries (Municipalities of Mulgrave-et-Derry and L'Ange-Gardien).
ExpandLake McKay (Municipalités de Mansfield-et-Pontefract et de Otter Lake)
ExpandLake McPhee (Municipalité of Lac-du-Cerf)
ExpandLake Mecham (Municipalité de Thorne)
ExpandLake Meech All its tributaries (Municipalities of Chelsea and Pontiac)
ExpandLake Michel - (Municipalité de Sainte-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau)
ExpandLake Moiseau (Municipalité de Waltham)
ExpandLake Moorhead (Municipalité de Lac-Nilgaut)
ExpandLake Moreno (46°25'27" N., 75°09'03" O., Municipalité de Nominingue).
ExpandLake Mulet (45°57'16" N., 75°13'04" W., Municipality of Montpellier)
ExpandLake Normandeau (Municipality of Denholm)
ExpandLake of the Isles (Municipality of Lac-Ernest) (46 ° 17'18 "N., 75 ° 03'16" W.)
ExpandLake Papineau (Municipalities of Boileau, Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours, Harrington, Grenville-sur-la-Rouge)
ExpandLake Paquin (Municipality of Gracefield)
ExpandLake Patterson (Municipality Cayamant)
ExpandLake Pemichangan (Municipalities of Gracefield and Lac-Sainte-Marie)(46°03'31" N., 75°51'02" W.).
ExpandLake Petit lac à la Truite (Municipality of Lac-Sainte-Marie)
ExpandLake Petit lac Cayamant (Municipalities of Otter Lake, Alleyn-et-Cawood, Cayamant)
ExpandLake Petit lac des Cèdres (Municipalities of Messines and Kitigan Zibi)(46°17'30" N., 76°04'49" W.).
ExpandLake Petit lac du Cerf - (Municipalité de Lac-du-Cerf)(46°17'13" N., 75°31'59" O.).
ExpandLake Petit lac Francis (Municipalité de Notre-Dame-de-Pontmain)
ExpandLake Petit lac Preston (Municipality of Duhamel)
ExpandLake Pigeon (Municipalité de Lac-Nilgaut)
ExpandLake Pimodan (Municipality Kiamika)(46°23'20" N., 75°17'35" W.).
ExpandLake Proulx (Municipalité de Denholm)
ExpandLake Quinn (Municipality of Mont-Laurier)(46°28'38" N., 75°44'14" W.).
ExpandLake Rognon (Amherst Municipality)
ExpandLake Rond (Municipalité de La Pêche)
ExpandLake Rond (Municipality of Denholm)
ExpandLake Saint-Antoine (Municipality de Nominingue)
ExpandLake Saint-Charles (Municipalité de La Pêche et Denholm)
ExpandLake Saint-Germain (Municipalities of Notre-Dame-du-Laus and Lac-du-Cerf)(46°13'41" N., 75°30'18" W.).
ExpandLake Saint-Sixte (Municipalities of Mulgrave-et-Derry and Montpellier)
ExpandLake Serpent (Municipality of Notre-Dame-du-Laus)(46°09'14" N., 75°28'53" W.).
ExpandLake Simon (Municipalities Duhamel and Lac-Simon)
ExpandLake Smallian (Municipality of Mulgrave-et-Derry)
ExpandLake Stubbs (Municipality of Mansfield-et-Pontefract)
ExpandLake Terreur (Municipalité de Val-des-Monts)
ExpandLake Thorne (Municipalité de Thorne et de Clarendon)
ExpandLake Usborne (Municipalité de Lac-Nilgaut)
ExpandLake Vert (45°54'08" N., 75°36'23" W., Municipality of Val-des-Bois)
ExpandLake Vert (45°59'55" N., 75°47'58" W., Municipality of Lac-Sainte-Marie)
ExpandLake Vert (46°10'30" N., 75°29'01" W., Municipality of Notre-Dame-du-Laus)
ExpandLake Veuillot (46°25'32" N., 75°09'57" O., Municipalité de Nominingue).
ExpandLake Viceroy (Municipalities of Ripon and Lac-Simon)
ExpandLake Wright (Municipality of Lac-Nilgaut)
ExpandLake Xavier - (Municipalité de La Conception)(46°08'52" N., 74°44'18" O.).
ExpandReservoir aux Sables (46°09'30" N., 75°41'05" O.)(Municipalités de Notre-Dame-du-Laus)
ExpandReservoir Poisson Blanc Lac Cuillèrier (46°06'34" N., 75°41'38" O., Municipalités de Notre-Dame-du-Laus)
ExpandReservoir Poisson Blanc Lac Doré (46°03'27" N., 75°42'51" O., Municipalités de Notre-Dame-du-Laus)
ExpandReservoir Poisson Blanc Lac du Brochet (46°02'21" N., 75°42'34" O., Municipalités de Notre-Dame-du-Laus)
ExpandReservoir Poisson Blanc Lac du Poisson Blanc (46°00'50" N., 75°42'32" O., Municipalités de Notre-Dame-du-Laus, Bowman et Lac-Sainte-Marie)
ExpandRiver Coulonge between Coulonge falls and the first residence located downstream (Municipality of Mansfield-et-Pontefract).
ExpandRiver de la Petite Nation between its mouth into lac Simon and the rivière Preston (Municipality of Duhamel).
ExpandRiver de la Petite Nation between the Duhamel bridge (route 321) and the mouth of the rivière Preston (Municipality of Duhamel).
ExpandRiver du Lièvre between Paquette (46°33'00" N., 75°30'55" W.), bridge in Mont-Laurier (Highway 117) and 100m downstream point of the Iroquois rapid at Notre-Dame-du-Laus.
ExpandRiver du Lièvre between the McLaren dam, south of High Falls, and a point situated at the southern tip of the island approximately 2 km downstream of this dam (Municipalities of Val-des-Monts, Val-des-Bois of Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette and Bowman).
ExpandRiver Gatineau between the Calumet falls bridge, linking Highway 105 to the Point Comfort village, and the power line crossing it about 2.8 km downstream (Municipality of Gracefield).
ExpandRiver Gatineau entre l'extrémité aval de l'Île Marguerite (première île en amont du pont Alonso-Wright, soit une ligne entre le point 45°29'31" N., 75°45'07" O. et le point 45°29'26" N., 75°45'10" O.), et la première île en aval de ce pont (soit une ligne entre le point 45°28'56" N., 75°44'29" O. et le point 45°28'50" N., 75°44'44" O.)(Municipalités de Chelsea et Gatineau)
ExpandRiver Kiamika between the Highway 117 bridge and its mouth in lac Aux Barges (Municipality of Lac-des-Écorces).
ExpandRiver Noire (Waltham township), between its confluence with the Ottawa River and the hydroelectric dam upstream.
ExpandRiver Picanoc between Picanoc bridge (46°04'29" N., 76°04'40" W.), about 1.5 km upstream of Highway 105, and a north-south line joining from both banks downstream of the island in its mouth located in the Gatineau River (Municipality of Gracefield).
ExpandRiver Preston between the mouth of the Petite Nation River and the bridge of Highway 321 (46°00'47" N., 75°03'36" W., Municipality of Duhamel).
ExpandRiver Saguay between Bridge Road and Chapleau Lake Bourget (municipality Nominingue).
ExpandWildlife Reserve de Papineau-Labelle
ExpandZec Bras-Coupé-Désert
ExpandZec Pontiac
ExpandZec Rapides-des-Joachims
ExpandZec Saint-Patrice